2nd Stage of Espírito Santo State Kickboxing Championship

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2nd stage of Espírito Santo State Kickboxing Championship took place in Gymnasium IFES, Cariacica, Espírito Santo, Brazil on 2nd and 3rd of August 2014. Cariacica hosted the event for the first timee in history. The event is the biggest amateur kickboxing event of the state. With a large coastline, Espírito Santo is one of the smallest states of Brazil. Although Espírito Santo is a small state, it has a very big potential on Kickboxing. Espírito Santo is in 3rd place on Brazil’s national kickboxing ranking of states. The state has very good fighters and kickboxing sport is developing very fastly in this state. Just to see how strong is Espírito Santo in kickboxing, last year in WAKO Seniors World Kickboxing Championship Antalya 2013, Brazil participated with a delegation of 17 people and 4 of them were from Espírito Santo state. As another example, on February 2014, in 18th edition of WGP, Paulo Zorello International Cup, 4 strongest state teams of Brazil competed against national teams of 4 countries (Turkey, Morocco, Argentina and Venezuela) and Espírito Santo was one of these states. It was a very good opportunity for us to be in this state and see kickboxing structure in the state.

Paulo Zorello, President of Brazilian Kickboxing Confederation, Reşat Onur Er, Turkish Kickboxing Federation Students Committee President and Edson Venturatto, President of Espírito Santo Kickboxing Federation together during Espírito Santo State Kickboxing Championship.
Paulo Zorello, President of Brazilian Kickboxing Confederation, Reşat Onur Er, Turkish Kickboxing Federation Students Committee President and Edson Venturatto, President of Espírito Santo Kickboxing Federation together during Espírito Santo State Kickboxing Championship.

As a member of Turkish Kickboxing Federation and as the founder of WorldKickboxing.Net, I was there during 2nd Espírito Santo State Kickboxing Championship to make observations. Over 300 athletes and 20 Referees participated in the championship I was together with Mr. Paulo Zorello, President of Brazilian Kickboxing Confederation (CBKB) and WAKO Board Member, and Mr. Edson Venturatto, President of Espírito Santo Kickboxing Federation (FEKES) during the event and I used this opportunity to ask their thoughts about the event.

Mr. Paulo Zorello stated: “Nowadays, we have state kickboxing championships all over the Brazil and this is one of them. These state championships are very important for us because they are organized for selection of state kickboxing teams that will represent their states in Brazil Cup that we will organize in São Paulo as a part of International Kickboxing Festival on September and Brazil Cup will be the selection event of Brazilian National Kickboxing Team for 8th WAKO Pan-American Kickboxing Championship. Espírito Santo is one of the strongest Brazilian state in kickboxing and Espírito Santo State Kickboxing Championship is a very good example to show how our sport is developed in Brazil. Although it is a regional championship, it is very well organized and it is a very high level organization. Thanks to Edson Venturatto, President of Espírito Santo Kickboxing for his hard work in this state.”

Mr. Edson Venturatto, promoter of the event and President of Espírito Santo Kickboxing Federation (FEKES) said: “We had over 300 registered athletes, two days full of breathtaking fights and a weekend full of kickboxing. On friday we had weighing for specal fights of Saturday, on Saturday morning we had weighing for fights of Sunday and on Saturday afternoon we had exam for Black Belt with our master Paulo Zorello. For the first time in the State of Espírito Santo, we conducted weekend full of kickboxing, was unprecedented, we have never held an event in the city of Cariacica before, and for the first time conducted was a total success, I take this opportunity to thank you for having us prestigious by watching our event, it is always nice to receive friends from other countries, especially when we perform an event of paramount importance, I would like you to know that you will always be welcome.  I also would like to use this opportunity to thank you all on behalf of the Federation: the First Secretary of Sports and Leisure Cariacica, Mr Pippa, for believing in our work and bring first kickboxing to Cariacica city, had a weekend of very kickboxing, and say by the way, at this stage were the best kickboxer in the state. To the Directors of this Federation Ricardo Moskito, Demervania, Keise, Renato and Thiara, who have worked hard this past month to not to give anything wrong to this state, you deserve 1o note out of 10, without you I wouldn’t be able to organize such a perfect championship like this. The arbitration framework, without you we would not have events, we had few complaints, this is important for the growth of kickboxing in our state, you are to be congratulated. Athletes, you are the main actors of this beautiful novel, know that you are not only champions in the ring or on the mat, are also champions the respect one another, respect their teachers, friends and family, each state see new athletes aiming to reach the top, continue, you are on the right track. Teachers for the good work it has been doing with their athletes, you are important parts of training each athlete teach you, they are a reflection of you, who plan well, reaps good. IFES College by providing your Gym to perform this step of the State, managers of the College Mr. Ludwig and Mr. Mario who did their best to help us. The State Secretary for Sport and Leisure (SESPORT) Mrs. Lilian Smith, who attended with his presence in major fights Saturday nightfrom beginning to end of the event, taking photos with the athletes after the fights. The Sports Secretary Mr. Serra Ronaldo Endlich, who accompanied them from the first fight until the last of the major fights Saturday night. When Alderman Victory Serjão, who is also black belt in Kickboxing, despite failing to arrive on time because he was traveling in campaign, even so called offering help in this federation needed. Last but not least, we thank our President of Confederation of Kickboxing, Master Paul Zorello, to come to our state to conduct the national black belt exam and follow the major combats of the 2nd Stage of the State Kickboxing on Saturday night. Finally, I end with the phrase new directors of FEKES, because after all, together we are strong.”

I followed the event on both days, the first day there was only fights of ring disciplines. Second day we watched fights of both ring disciplines and tatami disciplines. I am impressed by the quality of the fights and the organization. The state has very strong and talented fighters and directors of FEKES are working really hard for development of our sport in the state. I watched very tough fights as if it was an international event. Kickboxing in Espírito Santo is conducted very well by FEKES and it is one of the most popular sports in the state. Espírito Santo is a very good example for development of kickboxing all over the world and it shows how a small state can become very strong in kickboxing just by a little investment and working hard. Congratulations to Mr. Paulo Zorello and Mr. Edson Venturatto for their contribution to development of kickboxing in Espírito Santo and Brazil.

Photos from the event:

By Reşat Onur Er

Reşat Onur Er, is a law graduate from Turkey with LL.M degree. He is involved in kickboxing since 2012. He is Turkish Kickboxing Federation Chairman of Students Committee and Member of Committee on Foreign Relations, WAKO IF  Member of Education/Students Committee WAKO European Kickboxing Federation Member of Students/Educational Committee and is founder of WorldKickboxing.Net. He is a licensed kickboxing athlete who has 7th Dan Dark Brown Belt. He has been working actively for development of kickboxing in Turkey and Africa. He works at Cape Town Iron and Steel Works as a Legal Assistant.

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