Balkan Open International Kickboxing Cup 2016 will be held in Tešanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina on 7 May 2016. The event will consist of K1, Low Kick, Kick Light, Light Contact, Point Fighting disciplines. Last years event had 87 clubs, from 15 countries and the competition was held on 4 tatamis and 1 ring, moreover it was run in very correct and sport atmosphere. On the Balkan Open 2015 participated competitors from Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatian, Polish, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina. This year is the third time that the event will be organized with its name. Special thanks to Alija Ogrić, President of Bosnian Kickboxing Federation, for sending us the poster of the event.

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Balkan Open 2016 Promotional Video:

By Reşat Onur Er

Reşat Onur Er, is a law graduate from Turkey with LL.M degree. He is involved in kickboxing since 2012. He is Turkish Kickboxing Federation Chairman of Students Committee and Member of Committee on Foreign Relations, WAKO IF  Member of Education/Students Committee WAKO European Kickboxing Federation Member of Students/Educational Committee and is founder of WorldKickboxing.Net. He is a licensed kickboxing athlete who has 7th Dan Dark Brown Belt. He has been working actively for development of kickboxing in Turkey and Africa. He works at Cape Town Iron and Steel Works as a Legal Assistant.

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