Fight Center Cup XIV - Panamerican Pro Full Contact 88,6kg Title Fight

14th edition Fight Center Cup will take place at Festa da Uva Sports Hall in Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil on 23rd of August 2014. Merging fighting MMA and Kickboxing, the XIV Cup Fight Center will be the high point for the selection for WGP, where 8 kickboxers will be for a place in the category 58,200kg. The event is the largest event martial arts event of Rio Grande do Sul, where the best fighters of the state will be present.

In the main charter of Fight Center Cup XIV Panamerican Pro Full Contact 88,6kg Title fight between athlete Adilson Facchin from Rio Grande do Sul against Jean Mejias from Venezuela.

Adilson Facchin, World Champion athlete, has won several national and international titles, will once again be representing the city of Caxias do Sul and Brazil in this regional event.

This event is organized by the Caxiense Boxing and Kickboxing League, and has support of the City of Caxias / SMEL / Fiesporte.

Five fights in K-1 rules and 11 Full Contact fights are scheduled.

Check out the full card of XIV Cup Fight Center:

Main Chart

Adilson Fachin (Brazil) vs. Jean Carlos Nejias (Venezuela)

Selective WGP

Felipe Gheno (Fight Center / Caxias do Sul) vs. Jair (Training / Caxias do Sul)

Marciano (Alceni Team / Guapore) vs. Cleiton Lamb (Velasques Team / Farringdon)

Lucas Coradin (Minu Fight Team / Dawn) vs. Leonardo Brizola (Collision Fight / Sarandi)

Luan Guasso (Claw Team / Santiago) vs. Welerson da Silva (Muay Thai Combat / Pellets)

Michael Pereira (Good Company / Caxias do Sul) vs. Lucas Severo (Training / Caxias do Sul)

Amateur Kickboxing

Jean Pires (Universaç / Sapiranga) vs. Marco Rocha (Fight Center / Caxias do Sul)

Elisangela Antunes (Hawks Team / Pillar) vs. Taiani Pereira (Training / Caxias do Sul)


Douglas Menninha” Menna (Muay Thai Combat / Pellets) vs. Old Gabriel (Training / Caxias do Sul)

Super Low Kick Fight

Eduardo (Orsi Team? Vacaria) vs. Valmir Garrincha” (Fight Arena / Garibaldi)

Super Fight Women’s K1

Gisele Ribeiro (Muay Thai Combat / Pellets) vs. Laiana Pretto (Spartacus Team / Harmony)

Super Fight K1

André Machado (Gaucho School / Pillar) vs. Rodrigo Old (Training / Caxias do Sul)

André Rodrigues (K1 / Carlos Barbosa) vs. Claudir Dutkevis (Training / Caxias do Sul)

By Reşat Onur Er

Reşat Onur Er, is a law graduate from Turkey with LL.M degree. He is involved in kickboxing since 2012. He is Turkish Kickboxing Federation Chairman of Students Committee and Member of Committee on Foreign Relations, WAKO IF  Member of Education/Students Committee WAKO European Kickboxing Federation Member of Students/Educational Committee and is founder of WorldKickboxing.Net. He is a licensed kickboxing athlete who has 7th Dan Dark Brown Belt. He has been working actively for development of kickboxing in Turkey and Africa. He works at Cape Town Iron and Steel Works as a Legal Assistant.

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