Extraordinary General Assembly of Italian Kickboxing Federation: Donato Milano Became the New President of FIKBMS

Donato Milano became the new President of FIKBMS. The Extraordinary General Assembly of FIKBMS was held on Saturday, June 21 at the Michelangelo Hotel Milan. The National Assembly ofFIKBMS elected their new president after the extraordinary general assembly. Two candidates for presidency were Donato Milano and Giorgio Lico with their respective sides. 309 communities were present and eligible to vote. Milano was elected as president with 1337 votes against 1281 by Lico. The new federal council will be formed by the members in proportion affiliates Barbara Falsoni, Gianfranco Rizzi, Massimo Liberati, Patrick Rizzoli, Mario Carella, Massimo Casula (appointed as deputy vice-president) and Riccardo Bergamini (appointed as vice-president); counselors at high altitude athletes Raffaele Di Paolo and Andrea Ongaro; share technical adviser position with Emmanuel Bozzolani.

Ennio Falsoni, President of WAKO and Former President of FIKBMS is nominated as Honorary President of FIKBMS.

Ennio Falsoni, President of WAKO and Former President of FIKBMS is nominated as Honorary President of FIKBMS.

In addition to this, during the Extraordinary elective Ennio Falsoni, who have been president of WAKO and FIKBMS was officially named as Honorary President of the FIKBMS.



23/06/2014 12:07

The statements by Massimo Casula: “It was an intense election campaign despite the two sides have tried to keep a low profile. Nevertheless, the passion and the desire to carry out major projects have meant that both coalitions were to commit themselves to the utmost to explain the own vision of the Federation and seek vote after voting to win this important opportunity. believe that we will have a lot to do but was elected an excellent team that has skills and motivation to lead our beloved Federation towards the ambitious goals for which it is born.

My election as Deputy Vice Chairman, I think that reflects the bipartisan estimate that has stayed with me all these years in the Federation, is an urge to merge. The message that I think he wanted to get beyond the consideration for myself, is that only by working for each other, focusing on the needs of athletes, transparency and promoting equality of treatment for all Regional Committees, we can improve our Federation. “

23/06/2014 11:19

Declarations of Barbara Falsoni: “I’ve lived this election with great emotion, I think they perceived during my speech. Has officially beginning a new chapter of history for the Federation, I am happy with this result and staff sincerely thank all those who believe in me and in my abilities. For a sense of continuity and respect for the one who made this great fact, what I would say is that I will do my best, always, for the sake of this Federation to which I feel strongly linked and in which I believe. currently thinking in particular is going to George Lico, I recognize the great merits, and that all those people who like him, I have been particularly close in the past 15 months.

I strongly believe in a merit-based system so you need to start right away with a unity of purpose and work in synergy. I feel positive about the future and I am sure that with Donato and the other members of the Board will find the right balance to continue in the best way, as a team. “

22/06/2014 15:55

The statements by the new President Donato Milan: “I want to first make the honors of war to George Lico for fighting big, with loyalty to the end. Spite of the diversity of thoughts programmatic now it is the case that there are no rough edges, it is time to work together and to move forward our Federation firmly. federation we are, and we were all of us. “

To those who feared an internal revolution Milano reassures: “When I said during the election campaign that ours will be a federation of all, with all and for all was not a slogan but a conviction, we say it to the right and to the skills of those already working to ‘internal FIKBMS, there will be no purge, hug my political opponents and say to them: let’s roll up our sleeves and work together. “

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