Message from Ennio Falsoni, WAKO Honorary President

Ennio Falsoni, President of WAKO and Former President of FIKBMS is nominated as Honorary President of FIKBMS.

Message from Ennio Falsoni dictated to the wife Maria Pia Cantarini


“My Dear WAKO Friends,

I am writing you after a long time because I got a stroke but I am still alive.

It has been a hard time but I am slowly recovering.

Since I cannot guide WAKO as I would like to do, my wish is now that WAKO can be leaded by the right person with a good team.

I think that this person can be our Vice President Mr. Borislav Pelevic, who is a trusted friend and a respected member of WAKO Board since many years. He has contributed a lot for the development of WAKO and for the benefit of its members. I am sure that he will be able to successfully lead WAKO in the future with his team.

I know that WAKO is facing hard times. There are many competitors that want to create obstacles and take advantage of our situation but WAKO is a strong and big family.

Today we are on the good path to be recognized by the IOC. One day, I am sure, WAKO will be recognized. Please stay united and continue working together in order to reach this important goal.

I trust that the new President may bring WAKO to achieve great results.

This is my farewell. It has been a privilege working with you all.

I enjoyed every moment.

Yours in sport,

Ennio Falsoni”

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