Night of Champions VII Took Place in Tuzla, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Night of Champions VII which is a WAKO Pro event took Place in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina 23rd of May 2014. The event is scheduled to take place in March , but due to the current situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina it was poosponed to this date and  due to flooding and landslides due to which a large number of people in Bosnia and Herzegovina had to leave their homes, the promoter decided to donate 50 percent of the funds collected from ticket sales to help vulnerable BH citizens. Main fight of the event was the prestige fight in low kick division under 86 kg. At the prestige fight Abderrahim Chafay from France fought against Salko Zildzic (BiH), who was WAKO PRO World Champion in low kick, 85 kg, and former champion category. Two years ago these two athletes fought in the same city and Chafay was the winner by knock out during the second round. Two years ago Chafay defeated Salko in Tuzla for this title by knock out in second round. This time it was not title fight, just prestige, but not ordinary prestige fight; it was the last fight of great Champion, former WAKO and WAKO PRO World Champion Salko Zildzic. 4.000 spectators witnessed the event which consist of great fights with fighters from Bosnia, Turkey and Serbia. Main fight started very slow in first round.

Night of Champions VII

There was a lot of respect between two great fighters. At the end of first round they started to exchange very heavy punches and kicks. Second round was beginning of the war. Chafay was down after hard punch and referee Goran Simurina decided to give him eight count. After one strong low kick of Salko which was blocked by Chafay both of them had injury on their legs. It was not clear if they were able to continue. In third round war continued and Chafay was down again after couple of tremendous punches by Salko. He got another eight count. He tried to come back but Salko was to good for him and next punch finished story. He was down again and referee counted him off. It was great fight, real war, and Salko has proved once again that he is still Champion like he was for many, many years.

Other Fights that took place during the events were:

  • Predag Mijalovič (SRB) – Semir Delić (BiH), -63,5 kg
  • Şahin Aras (TUR) – Asim Selimović (BiH), -84 kg
  • Uroš Bogojević (SRB) – Denis Marjanović (BiH), -86 kg
  • Abdullah Cem Akin (TUR) – Mesud Selimović, -86 kg
  • Bojan Džepina (SRB) – Bahrudin Mahmić (BiH) ,-91 kg
  • Fatih Çimiç (TUR) – Elmin Živčić (BiH), + 91 kg

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