Declaração de Espen Lund, o ex-presidente interino da WAKO

WAKO Presidente Interino, Espen Lund, participou do IF Forum de SportAccord, em Lausanne nesta semana, uma série de atualizações importantes para os nossos membros. Sr. Lund participou como membro do Sport Accord Conselho Executivo.

Espen LUND, ex-interino Presiden de WAKO feito uma declaração a todos os membrs WAKO através do site WAKO sobre os recentes acontecimentos tais tem a sua demissão do cargo de Presidente Interino. His declaration is as in below:

Dear all great kickboxing colleagues,

First of all thank you all for the great time and the great cooperation we have had in my time as Acting President of WAKO. Também, thank you to those who show attention, care and understanding.

As most of you have noted I have resigned as Acting President and I took this initiative myself due to personal reasons. I assume many of you wonder why a person want to resign from a position as an Acting President. Bem, for me it is important to take care of the present situation and to contribute in WAKO and to protect WAKO in the best way I can, agora.

The situation in WAKO today requires absolute focus at all levels as far as being a top manager, and for which I cannot provide at this very moment and until the next election.

My decision is done in respect for WAKO, for my colleagues and in respect for the sport. This can be seen as both dramatic and undramatic, however, let me therefore demystify such action and instead realize the fact that one person itself is not important, it is the team that matters and I will always be one person in a team and in a big machinery.

I resume my position as Vice-President and I will work in harmony with my good colleague, the new Acting President, Senhor. Salim está deslizando, and I will give him my full support and energy in this position and I will dedicate myself as I have done for many years. I will work for a team and I will work with my tasks and with desire and I will focus on making sure that WAKO gets its highest possible recognition, quality and acceptance for which its deserve. Assim, lets produce, lets be solution oriented, lets look for the future and move forward and develop – together.

Dear all, instead of using long mails, I prefer to see you, talk to you and develop with you.
Therefore, see you soon.

Thank you for your understanding, for your support, for your care and for what you all are doing for the sport of Kickboxing.

Yours in Sport,

Espen Lund

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