Salim KAYICI and Espen LUND Had a Meeting with Prof. Dr. Uğur ERDENER, President of Turkish NOC

Meeting with Prof. Dr. Uğur ERDENER
Salim KAYICI (left), Prof.Dr. Uğur ERDENER (middle), Espen LUND (right)

Mr. Salim KAYICI, President of Turkish Kickboxing Federation who is a Board Member of WAKO (IF) and Vice President of WAKO Europe arranged a meeting with Espen LUND, Acting President of WAKO (IF) and Prof. Dr. Uğur ERDENER, who is President of Turkish National Olympic Committee. The meeting took place in Ankara, Turkey on 28th of May 2014. Uğur ERDENER is a Turkish physician specialized in ophthalmology and professor at the Hacettepe University, Ankara. He is the former president of  Turkish Archery Federation, he is the actual president of World Archery Federation and he is currently a member of the International Olympic Committee. This meeting is very important for WAKO since WAKO is in application process f0r recognation of International Olympic Committee and Uğur ERDENER is one of the IOC members that will vote about application of WAKO. Uğur ERDENER is a Member of the Women and Sport since  Commission; was a memeber of  the Medical Commission between 2009-2014 and since 2014 he is the Chairman of the Medical Commission. During the meeting Mr. Salim KAYICI gave kickboxing gloves to Mr. Uğur ERDENER as a gift.

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