Salim Kayıcı Withdrew Candidature Due Respect to Ennio Falsoni

Salim KAYICI Is The New Acting President of WAKO IF

Salim Kayıcı, President of Turkish Kickboxing Federation and WAKO IF Board Member who was candidate for WAKO IF Presidency has withdrew his candidaure due his respect to Ennio Falsoni; following Falsoni’s declaration stating that Borislav Pelevic will be the right person to lead WAKO. Salim Kayıcı’s message regarding his withdrawal is as in below:

“Dear WAKO Friends,

As you all know, I was candidate for WAKO Presidency for the next General Assembly of WAKO that will be held on 24 November 2015. Today, on 16.11.2015, I have received declaration of Ennio Falsoni, WAKO Honorary President, stating that he supports the other candidate for the WAKO Presidency elections .

Following his declaration, I reconsidered the situation and due my respect to our Great Leader and my dear friend Ennio Falsoni, I decided to step back from WAKO Presidency candidature since Ennio supports the other candidate for the next WAKO IF President. This decision is also to prevent WAKO from splitting into groups and to make WAKO united so that we can move forward stongly. I hope my decision will let WAKO get united and move forward.

I would like to thank WAKO family for their support for me so far and thanks in advance for understanding my decision.

Best Regards,
WAKO (IF) Board Member
WAKO Europe Vice President
President of Turkish Kickboxing Federation”

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