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Kenan Gunaydin Defends His Title

Turkish Pro Fighter Kenan Gunaydin succesfully defended his title in WAKO PRO Low Kick 66.8 Kgs in the year’s first professional event in 07 February, 2015 in Belgrade, Serbia. The place where the

Polish Fighter Iwona NIERODA Defended Her WAKO Pro World Title in Low Kick -56,00 KG

WAKO Pro Female World Title figh in Low Kick -56,00 KG took place on 17th of December 2014 at Atatürk Sports Hall, Eskişehir, Turkey. In the fight, Polish fighter Iwona NERODA fought

WAKO Pro Female World Title Fight Low Kick -56,00 KG

WAKO Pro Female World Title fight Low Kick -56,00 KG will take place in Eskişehir, Turkey on 17th of December 2014. Im this fight, title holder Polish fighter Iwona NIERODA will challange

Turkish Fighter Kenan GÜNAYDIN Is the New WAKO Pro Low Kick Kg.-66,80 World Champion

WAKO PRO Low Kick Kg.-66,80 World Title fight took place on 15th December in Levallois, Paris, France. The title was vacant before the fight and two WAKO European Champion fighters, French fighter

Croatian Athlete Luka Tomic Is the New WAKO Pro Full Contact -71,800 KG European Champion

WAKO Pro European Title Fight at Full Contact Kg -71,800 will take place on 17th of October 2014 in Maribor, Slovenia. The even was promoted by Mr. Tomaz Barada. According to WAKO-PRO rules

WGP 21 Results

21th version of WGP took place in São Paulo, Brazil on 26th of July. The event consisted of 78 KG Grand Prix, Pan-American Title fight between Brazil and Venezuela and a female

Ravy Brunow From Brasil Is the New WAKO Pro Pan-American Champion

Brazilian national champion Ravy Brunow fought against Alexander Salcedo from Venezuela who showed a great performance in WGP #18 – Paulo Zorello Cup, for WAKO Pro Pan-American Title Belt fight wich took

Ivani Ferreira from Brazil Became The New World Champion

As part of the Buddha Boxing Show, Gabonese Kickboxing Federation organized an international meeting on Saturday in Libreville in collaboration with Yoka Production entity. The agreement between the two parties was formalized

Giuseppe Di Cuia from Italy Became the New Full Contact World champion Kg -62,200

On June 7th in Matera (Italy) Giuseppe Di Cuia from Italy fought against Zaitsev Vasilii, won the match after 12 rounds and became the new full contact WAKO Pro World Champion in Full

Don Wilson: “Martial arts masters and kickboxers of Turkey amazed me…”

Famous American Kickboxing Champion and actor Don Wilson gave an interview to Turkish Newspaper “Akşam”. Demanded actor of Hollywood who is known by his nickname “The Dragon” confessed that he used stuntman