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1st International Turkish Open Kickboxing Tournament

1st International Turkish Open Kickboxing Tournament was held in Turgut Özal Sports Hall, Kepez, Antalya on 8-9-10 April 2016. The tournament consists of Point Fighting, Light Contact, Full Contact, Low Kick, Kick

2nd Turkish National Universities Championships

2nd Turkish Universities National Kick Boxing Championship was held in Grand Yazıcı Hotel, Marmaris, Turkey. The championships had over 600 participants from 68 universities. With 60 Referee having duty, the championships consisted

1st International Turkish Open Kickboxing Tournament

After hosting the 2012 WAKO European Championships and the 2013 WAKO World Championships, Turkish Kickboxing Federation decided  to host an annual open tournament, therefore they are promoting International Turkish Open Kickboxing Tournament.

WAKO World Kickboxing Championships – Dublin, Ireland

WAKO World Championships for Point Fighting, Light Contact, Full Contact and Musical Forms took place in CityWest, Dublin, Ireland between 21st – 29th November 2015. The championships were held with participation of

Preparations Are Underway for Irish Open 2015

Irish Open 2015 International Kickboxing Championship will be organized in City West Hotel, Saggart, County Dublin, Ireland between 6th – 8th March 2015. Preparations for this event is already underway. Organizator of

WAKO Seniors European Championships 2014 – Overview

WAKO Seniors European Championships (FC,K-1,LK) took place at Pabellon Municipal de Deportes La Casilla in Bilbao, Spain between 18th – 26th October 2014. The championship was held with 3 rings, one ring for

Karlovac Open 2015

Karolvac Open 2015 will be held in Karlovac, Croatia between 7th-8th February 2015. On the first day of the event Point Fighting, Light Contact and Grand Champion Team fight competitions will be held.

WAKO Senior European Championships 2014 Bilbao, Spain

WAKO Senior European Championships (FC,K1,LK) will take place in Bilbao, Spain from 18th to 26th October 2014. For all necessary information about the event; general info, program, entry papers, visa request, hotel

Hurricane Fight 2014 International Gala

Hurricane Fight 2014 International K-1 and Full Contact Gala will take in Szombathely, Minerva Str.2, Budapest, Hungary on 30th of August 2014. The event will start at 19:00 by local time. The event

Adilson Facchin Is the New WAKO Pro Pan-American Full Contact 88,6kg Champion

WAKO Pro Pan-American Full Contact 88,6kg took place at Festa da Uva Sports Hall in Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil on 23rd of August 2014 during 14th edition Fight