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WGP 29 – Biggest Kickboxing Event of Latin America is Back in Paraná

WGP 29 will take place in Waldir Pinheiro Sports Hall, Maringá, Paraná. On it’s retorn to Paraná,  WGP promises to ignite Maringa with its 29th edition full of pure striking from beginning

WGP 25

WGP gets to its 25th edition with a belt dispute between Cesinha Almeida and Alex Pereira The event will be held at São Paulo and will have a Challenger GP, which will

Balkan Open 2015

Balkan Open International Kickboxing Cup 2015 will be held in Tešanj,Bosnia and Herzegovina on 13 June 2015. The event will consist of K1, Low Kick, Kick Light, Light Contact, Point Fighting disciplines.

Hurricane Fight 2014 International Gala

Hurricane Fight 2014 International K-1 and Full Contact Gala will take in Szombathely, Minerva Str.2, Budapest, Hungary on 30th of August 2014. The event will start at 19:00 by local time. The event

WAKO World Cup 2014 Brazil Stage

WAKO World Cup 2014 Brazil Stage took place in São Paulo, Brazil between 14th – 17th of August 2014. Brazilian Kickboxing Confederation organized a World Cup event for the second time in

WGP 21 and Panamerican Title Fight

21th version of WGP will be organized in São Paulo, Brazil on 26th of July. The event will consist of 78 KG Grand Prix and Panamerican Title fight between Brazil and Venezuela.

WAKO Brazil Kickboxing World Cup 2014

The traditional stage of the Kickboxing World Cup will be organized in Brazil from 14 to 17 August 2014.  As usual, the organizer offers internal transportation, hotel and food for the teams. This

Scandinavian Open 2014

Scandinavian Open 2014 (FC-Lk-K1-PF-LC-KL-MF) in Oslo (Norway) from 19th to 21st September 2014 Fighter Kickboxing Club & Norwegian Kickboxing Federation hereby invite you to their international kickboxing tournament in Oslo. Scandinavian Open

Balkan Open 2014 Tešanj, Bosnia & Herzegovina: Official Report and Results

Alija Ogrić, President of Bosnia and Herzegovina Kickboxing Federation made a declaration after Balkan Open 2014 International Kickboxing Cup. His declatation was as below: “512 fighters from 14 countries attended the Balkan

Aleksey Fedoseev from Kyrgyzstan Won Against Emerson Falcão from Brazil and Got the WAKO PRO K1 World Title

On 17 June 2014, Aleksey Fedoseev (23 Victories-1-Losses-11 KO) won against Emerson Falcão, one of the best Brazilian fighters  (39 Victories-7-Losses-10 KO) and got the WAKO PRO World Title K1 Welterweight -66,800kg. During