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1st International Turkish Open Kickboxing Tournament

1st International Turkish Open Kickboxing Tournament was held in Turgut Özal Sports Hall, Kepez, Antalya on 8-9-10 April 2016. The tournament consists of Point Fighting, Light Contact, Full Contact, Low Kick, Kick

2nd Turkish National Universities Championships

2nd Turkish Universities National Kick Boxing Championship was held in Grand Yazıcı Hotel, Marmaris, Turkey. The championships had over 600 participants from 68 universities. With 60 Referee having duty, the championships consisted

1st International Turkish Open Kickboxing Tournament

After hosting the 2012 WAKO European Championships and the 2013 WAKO World Championships, Turkish Kickboxing Federation decided  to host an annual open tournament, therefore they are promoting International Turkish Open Kickboxing Tournament.

20th WAKO World Seniors Kickboxing Championships

20th WAKO World Seniors Kickboxing Championships for Low Kick,  K-1 and Kick Light disciplines took place in Belgrade, Serbia between 24th October – 1st November 2015. 669 athletes (176 female and 493

International Nation Cup 2015

International Nation Cup 2015 took place in Port Louis, Mauritius on 11th of July 2015. The event started with the opening ceremony and continued of speechs of Salim KAYICI, WAKO Acting President,

Balkan Open 2015

Balkan Open International Kickboxing Cup 2015 will be held in Tešanj,Bosnia and Herzegovina on 13 June 2015. The event will consist of K1, Low Kick, Kick Light, Light Contact, Point Fighting disciplines.

Kenan Gunaydin Defends His Title

Turkish Pro Fighter Kenan Gunaydin succesfully defended his title in WAKO PRO Low Kick 66.8 Kgs in the year’s first professional event in 07 February, 2015 in Belgrade, Serbia. The place where the

Polish Fighter Iwona NIERODA Defended Her WAKO Pro World Title in Low Kick -56,00 KG

WAKO Pro Female World Title figh in Low Kick -56,00 KG took place on 17th of December 2014 at Atatürk Sports Hall, Eskişehir, Turkey. In the fight, Polish fighter Iwona NERODA fought

WAKO Pro Female World Title Fight Low Kick -56,00 KG

WAKO Pro Female World Title fight Low Kick -56,00 KG will take place in Eskişehir, Turkey on 17th of December 2014. Im this fight, title holder Polish fighter Iwona NIERODA will challange

Turkish Fighter Kenan GÜNAYDIN Is the New WAKO Pro Low Kick Kg.-66,80 World Champion

WAKO PRO Low Kick Kg.-66,80 World Title fight took place on 15th December in Levallois, Paris, France. The title was vacant before the fight and two WAKO European Champion fighters, French fighter