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1st International Turkish Open Kickboxing Tournament

1st International Turkish Open Kickboxing Tournament was held in Turgut Özal Sports Hall, Kepez, Antalya on 8-9-10 April 2016. The tournament consists of Point Fighting, Light Contact, Full Contact, Low Kick, Kick

2nd Turkish National Universities Championships

2nd Turkish Universities National Kick Boxing Championship was held in Grand Yazıcı Hotel, Marmaris, Turkey. The championships had over 600 participants from 68 universities. With 60 Referee having duty, the championships consisted

1st International Turkish Open Kickboxing Tournament

After hosting the 2012 WAKO European Championships and the 2013 WAKO World Championships, Turkish Kickboxing Federation decided  to host an annual open tournament, therefore they are promoting International Turkish Open Kickboxing Tournament.

Salim Kayıcı is Officialy Candidate for WAKO IF Presidency

By the official letter sent to WAKO IF Administration, Turkish Kickboxing Federation nominated Salim Kayıcı, former Acting President of WAKO IF, WAKO IF Board Member, WAKO Europe Vice President and President of

International Nation Cup 2015

International Nation Cup 2015 took place in Port Louis, Mauritius on 11th of July 2015. The event started with the opening ceremony and continued of speechs of Salim KAYICI, WAKO Acting President,

1st Turkish National Universities Kickboxing Championships

Article by Ginette Ngama 1st Turkish National Universities Kickboxing Championships took place in İzzet Baysal University Physical Education and Sport Department Sports Hall, Bolu, Turkey between 16-19 April 2015. The championship was

Salim KAYICI Is The New Acting President of WAKO IF

WAKO IF Bord meeting was held in İstanbul, Turkey on 18th of March 2015. During the meeting, Espen LUND, the former Acting President of WAKO IF quit his position and an election

Kickboxing Became The Primary Martial Art In Turkish Armed Forces

According to the newly regulated standing orders of Turkish Armed Forces which is the 2nd biggest force of NATO, kickboxing has officially become the primary martial art that is to be taught

Turkish Kickboxing Federation Holds a Great Seminar

EuropeUnder the leadership of Mr. Salim Kayici, the WAKO EU Vice-President and WAKO IF Executive Board Member, Turkish Kickboxing Federation held the biggest seminar of the year for its referees and coaches,

Kenan Gunaydin Defends His Title

Turkish Pro Fighter Kenan Gunaydin succesfully defended his title in WAKO PRO Low Kick 66.8 Kgs in the year’s first professional event in 07 February, 2015 in Belgrade, Serbia. The place where the