EuropeUnder the leadership of Mr. Salim Kayici, the WAKO EU Vice-President and WAKO IF Executive Board Member, Turkish Kickboxing Federation held the biggest seminar of the year for its referees and coaches, as of yet. With the presence of more than a thousand members from all over the country, the seminar served like an intensive course for the participants.

In the seminar which was between 06-08 February, 2015, the members of Turkish Kickboxing Federation discussed the topics of athlete health, psychology and nutrition. Later on the seminar,  WAKO Chief Referee on Tatami Sports Mr. Brian William Beck gave a lecture on the rules and the scoring of the tatami sports in all aspects and WAKO IF Vice-President and WAKO Asia President Mr. Nasser Nassiri proceeded in the same way with the Ring Sports. Ex-World Champion Mr. Emmanuele Bozzoloni of WAKO Italy helped the gentlemen demonstrate the rules for the ring and tatami sports.

Musical Forms were also featured in the seminar with the presentation of Iurii Fliminov of WAKO Russia and his students’, Ivan Baev and Roman Chizhov, demonstrations.

Mr. Brian William Beck and Mr. Nasser Nassiri stated that it was the biggest seminar they attended to date and said that this kind of events are important in order to help a federation and its members to obtain experience and win more medals in tournaments and it’s also important to educate world-class referees.

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