WAKO is Officially Recognised by FISU

The growing interest from international federations in joining the University Sports Movement is now being directly addressed by FISU, which will endorse events organised by these newly recognised sports. The internal review of FISU’s sports programme has led to the implementation of four major changes – a gradual shift to the intra-university format of competitions in team sports (FISU World University Leagues and World Cups), a reduction of the programme size with fewer events, the creation of two sport clusters (combat sports and mind sports) and a new focus on endorsed events for FISU recognised sports. Following this FISU announced that it recognised 4 new sports, kickboxing being one of them. The recognition is a result of hard work of  WAKO Education & Student Committee. This is a great achievement for WAKO which make it easy for national federations to become member of university sports federaiton in their country and this will result as athletes to get funds from their universities. Countries such as Turkey and Greece organise Universities National Kickboxing Championships and following this achievement more countries willn organise such championships. This will also contribute to WAKO’s ICO recognition process. Other 3 sports recognised by FISU are Bandy, Finswimming and Powerlifting.

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