WAKO World Cup 2014 Brazil Stage

WAKO World Cup 2014 Brazil Stage

WAKO World Cup 2014 Brazil Stage took place in São Paulo, Brazil between 14th – 17th of August 2014. Brazilian Kickboxing Confederation organized a World Cup event for the second time in its history. The event was organized in collaboration with Municipality of São Paulo. Brazilian National Team was the most successful team in the event and Brazilian team succeeded to win cups in 11 categories out of 13.

WAKO World Cup 2014 Brazil Stage – List of Champions

Low Kick FEMALE – 56Kg

Ivani Ferreira (BRA)

Final Low Kicks FEMALE – 60Kg

Carol Bartier (BRA)

K1 FEMALE – +70Kg

Barbara Nepomuceno (BRA)

K1 MALE – 71Kg

Wellington Tom Jones Jr. (BRA)

Low Kicks MALE – 75Kg

Patrick Silva (BRA)

Final K1 MALE – 75Kg

Wallace Lopes (BRA)

Final Low Kicks MALE – 86Kg

Francisco Araújo (BRA)

Final K1 MALE – 81Kg

Vitor “Superboy” (BRA)

Final K1 MALE – +91Kg

Felipe Micheletti (BRA)

Final Low Kicks MALE – 57Kg

Rafael Spin Araújo (BRA)

Final K1 MALE – 57Kg

Ignacio Caplonch (ARG)

Final Low Kicks MALE – 63,5Kg

German Baltazar (USA)

Final Low Kicks MALE – 81Kg

Thiago Michel (BRA)

Photos From The Event:

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