WGP 21 Results

WGP 21 and Panamerican Title Fight

21th version of WGP took place in São Paulo, Brazil on 26th of July. The event consisted of 78 KG Grand Prix, Pan-American Title fight between Brazil and Venezuela and a female combat between 2013 WAKO World champion, Barbara Nepomuceno and Camila Guimarães in the category K-1 Rules 70 kg.  Brazilian fighter Ravy Brunow fought Alexander Salcedo from Venezuela won the Pan-American Title Belt and became the WAKO Pro Pan-American Champion. Barbara Nepomuceno is the winner of the female fight in the category K-1 Rules 70 kg. The winner of the 78 KG Grand Prix was Thiago Michel, after winning the intense final fight against Inafitali Gomes. The event had live broadcast on 2 Brazilian Sports TV Channels.

Photos from the event:

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