WGP 29 – Biggest Kickboxing Event of Latin America is Back in Paraná

WGP 29 will take place in Waldir Pinheiro Sports Hall, Maringá, Paraná. On it’s retorn to Paraná,  WGP promises to ignite Maringa with its 29th edition full of pure striking from beginning to end!

In the main event of the night, the champion of the division light heavyweight (94 kg), Guto Inocente, up category and will make his first defense against Argentina’s Lucas Alsina beast of the division belt of Heavy (+94 kg).

Co-main Event marks the farewell of one of the biggest names in the National Kickboxing, Deucélio Rodrigues. The World Kickboxing champion takes to the ring for the last time in his career against American German Baltazar, one of the new generation of American Kickboxing highlights.

In addition, the WGP # 29 brings a Challenger GP with the participation of no one, none other than Bruno Cerutti Gustavo Piacentinti, Hector Santiago and Rafael “Coruja”. Four of the best athletes in the category that go up to the ring for a real war, where only the winner goes in search of Paulinho Tebar belt of -60 kg weight category.

In the ring, Rafael Coruja and Hector Santiago enter combat in the first of two semifinals of Cahllenger GP category of -60k) seeking the chance to compete in for the belt, which now Paulinho Tebar holds. In the other semifinal, Bruno Cerruti and Gustavo Piacentini also measure forces. The winners will face each other on the same day and the GP winner will become the challenger to the title.

This challenge is very important for Rafael Coruja in his career. Adding the professional cartel two fights, with one win and one defeat, the athlete from Rio hopes to reach more mature to win what ever been around. Last year, he played the title with Tebar, but was defeated.

“I do not think anyone is owner of a belt in an organization where everyone has a great chance to temporarily carry the position of the belt. My rematch against Paul Tebar will come in its own time. I am prepared for everything, “says the Rio without forgetting the objectives outlined in career:

“My ultimate goal in kickboxing is to use the practice as a great tool for transformation and martial character education to all who have contacted with it. The mermaid is the cake that everyone hopes to accomplish, and I do not intend to give up this achievement. Hector is a young athletic talent. Speaks little and is seeking its place in the category, “added the fighter FX Fight Team, 34.

Reunion from amateur times

Undefeated professional career. Hector Santiago recalls that have been face to face with the veteran Coruja. At 22, the Sao Paulo of Seven Fight Team knows the difficulties to tread their way into most striking tournament in Latin America.

“I face a good opponent, it will be a good fight, and hopefully come out with the win, I am very well prepared and confident in my game. I have had the opportunity to face Rafael Coruja at the time got the victory, it was a great fight, and no doubt is a tough opponent “comments.

With the ability to fight for the title in the next event, Santiago ensures total focus and know that if crowned GP champion will not have an easy life before the title holder.

“My goal was always to go as far as possible, since childhood dream to be world champion, and today the goal is still the same. I’m ready, confident. Paul Tebar is a great athlete, be an epic battle, and I am more than ready to win, “he says.

All this and many other explosive fighting with the elite of Kickboxing in seeking to conquer the top!

Tickets for this event can be purchased online at following link: https://www.ingressonacional.com.br/evento/6077/wgp-#29/guto-inocente-bra-x-lucas-alsina-arg

– Check where to buy tickets for this event at following link: https://ingressonacional.com.br/pontos-de-venda/

– Fitness Point 1 (Zone 4) – Av Euclides da Cunha, 237 -. Praça dos Sertões

– Sport Inga (Zone 03) – Mauá Avenue, 3023 – in front of Shopping Center Avenue

– Academy Schima Combat (Zone 07) – Av Morangueira, mezzanine 611 – Zone 7

– CT Gold Fighter Team (Pq grevillea trees) – Av Kakogawa, 477 – Pq grevillea trees

————————————————– ———————————–
WGP # 29 Main Card

MAIN EVENT: Dispute Belt WGP Kickboxing
K1 Rules / Heavyweight (+94 kg)
Guto Inocente RKT (RKT – BRA) vs Lucas Alsina (Picante Fight Club – ARG)

CO-MAIN EVENT: Farewell Deucélio Rodrigues
K1 Rules / Weight Galo (60 Kg)
Deucélio Rodrigues (CT Celio Rodrigues – BRA) vs German Baltazar (Team USA Kickboxing – USA)

K1 Rules / Weight Galo (60 Kg)
Winner Semifinal 1 vs. Winner Semifinal 2

K1 Rules / Middleweight (85 kg)
Ariel Machado (LA Sports Fight / Madison Team) vs Maycon Silva (Point 1)

K1 Rules / Weight Medium-Medium (75 kg)
David Silveira Gym Fight (DS Fight Gym / Point 1) vs Wallace Lopes (Rio Fighters / FX Fitght Team)

CHALLENGER GP – Semifinal 1
K1 Rules / Weight Galo (60 Kg)
Hector Santiago (Seven Fight Team) vs. Rafael “Coruja” (FX Fight Team)

CHALLENGER GP – Semifinal 2
K1 Rules / Weight Galo (60 Kg)
Bruno Cerutti (CT Celio Rodrigues) vs. Gustavo Piacentini (Company Top Fight)

————————————————– ———————————–
WGP Super Fights

K1 Rules / Featherweight (64.5 kg)
Samuel Samuca Pereira (Point 1) vs Eduardo Borba (OVC Team)

K1 Rules / Weight Galo (60 kg – Female)
Fraan Callegari (Gold Fighter Team) vs Carol Bartier (Company Top Fight)

K1 Rules / Weight Galo (60 Kg)
John Michellin (Schima Combat) vs. Thiago Porto (Inside Munil Adriano)

K1 Rules / Super Middle-East (78.1 kg)
Gabriel “Monkey” Siqueira (Team Big G) vs Alysson Campos (N1 Team)

————————————————– ———————————–
WGP # 29: Undercard

K1 Rules / Lightweight (66.8 kg)
Alessandro “Moon” Fields (Junior Vidal Team / fighten) vs Everton “Ninja” (Gold Fighter Team)

K1 Rules / Middleweight
Alan Patrick (Point 1) vs Fabio Reis (Schima Combat)

K1 Rules / Lightweight (66.8 kg)
Fernando “Nescau” Rezende (Chute Boxe / Coliseum) vs Louie Santos (Point 1 / Glory Gym)

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