WGP 29 – Overview and Results

WGP 29 was held its first edition in 2016 on Saturday night, April 9, in Maringa, Paraná. In the main event of the WGP 29 Guto Inocente won against the Argentine Lucas Alsina by knockout in a dominant performance and held the heavyweight title (+ 94kg). The event also marked the farewell world champion Deucélio Rodrigues, who said goodbye with unanimous decision victory over American German Baltazar, the stomp of roosters (up to 60kg). In the final of the Challenger GP bantamweight, Hector Santiago won Gustavo Piacentini and guaranteed the chance to fight for the title with defending champion Paulinho Tebar. The next edition of WGP is special and has three title fights to celebrate the 30th event of the organization. The show takes place on May 7 in Sao Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo.

The main event of WGP # 29 capped a great performance of Guto Inocente. Showing a lot of versatility and a wide range of strokes, the brasiliense overcame Argentine Lucas Alsina by knockout in the fourth round. After completely dominating the first three rounds and abuse of low kicks, Guto Alsina punished with a sequence of punches, forcing the referee to open count and end the duel. This was the 47th victory in Brasilia career, who defended first heavyweight belt since inaugurated the category as a champion, thus leaving the title light heavyweight, won the 26 edition, vague.

– I am very happy to keep the title in Brazil, to win my second belt WGP. I dedicated myself a lot to be able to perform well in dominant form, and I am very satisfied with the result. Fight in the heavyweight stomp helps a lot because I cut a lot of weight, felt great this time. Now is rest a bit and prepare that already have a challenge marked abroad to May – he said.

Deucélio Rodrigues says goodbye with a win and Santiago invoice Challenger GP
After 44 years, the world champion Deucélio Rodrigues stepped for the last time in a ring to compete on Saturday night. In his farewell fight, Paraná showed boy breath and surpassed the promising North American kickboxer German Baltazar. After three intense rounds, Deucélio took advantage of a knockown applied in the first round to build the 67th and final victory of his great career. At the end of the duel, cheers and bows from the public to the fighter, which now is fully devoted to training young athletes in their CT, in Guarapuava, Parana.

– I close my career with great honor and pride. It was a tough fight and I’m very satisfied. I would like to thank everyone who took part of my journey in some way, it hurts the heart, but it’s time to stop. I managed to get where I am with a lot of fight and now I use that provision to form new names in the national and world kickboxing. I was born to win and not to be overcome – emotionally declared.

The final of the Challenger GP bantamweight was between Hector Santiago and Gustavo Piacentini. The first accredited to the dispute after beating Rafael Owl after a disputed duel that ended with the carioca accusing a hand injury a few seconds left. The second had more difficulty and reached the final after beating Bruno Cerutti by unanimous decision in a very tight fight. The expected decision, Hector and Gustavo did a very busy fight, with both players showing a lot of heart. Hector took down the first round with a good knockdown applied to the opponent after crossing beautiful. In the second round the balance prevailed in the duel and the last and final round Piacentini was better, leaving the difficult decision in the hands of judges. In scorecards, Hector was declared the winner by unanimous decision and will have the chance to face Paulinho Tebar champion.

devastating performance in female duel is featured
One of the most anticipated duels of WGP # 29 was among experienced Wallace Lopes and David Silveira by category Welterweight (up to 75kg). Showing great respect for each other, the two did live up to expectations with a very busy duel. At the end of nine minutes better for David, who won pidida decision. In another very technical and studied clash, Ariel Machado and Maycon Silva faced by middleweight stomp (up to 85kg). The victory was with Ariel unanimous decision after showing more volume and power in the blows throughout the fight.

Another highlight of the evening was the performance of São Paulo Carol Bartier. Piracicaba The fighter did not give any chance to the athlete’s home Fran Callegari and landed a knockout in the final seconds of the first round after completely dominating the Paranaense with an arsenal of hits. Eduardo Borba and Samuel Pereira raised the audience in the gym Valdir Pinheiro. After much striking, Samuel took advantage of a dominant third round and took the best unanimously. In the early struggles John Miquelin and Alysson Campos won Thiago Port and Gabriel Monkey, respectively, by unanimous decision after more forceful and dominant performances. Louie Santos, Fabio Reis and Alessandro Moon were the other winners of the night.

WGP # 29 – Official Results
Guto Inocente won Lucas Alsina knockout 1min 30sec and the fourth round;
Deucélio Rodrigues won German Baltazar by unanimous decision;
Hector Santiago won Gustavo Piacentini by unanimous decision;
Ariel Machado won Maycon Silva by unanimous decision;
David Silveira won by Wallace Lopes pidida decision;
Gustavo Piacentini Bruno Cerutti won by unanimous decision;
Hector Santiago beat Rafael “Owl” by knockout at 2 minutes and 55seg the third round;
Samuel Pereira Eduardo Borba won by unanimous decision;
Carol Fran Callegari Bartier won by knockout at 2 minutes and 54seg the first round;
John Miquelin won Thiago Port by unanimous decision;
Alysson Campos won Gabriel “Monkey” Smith by unanimous decision;
Alessandro “Moon” Fields won Ewerton “Ninja” by unanimous decision;
Fabio Reis Alan Patrick won by knockout 1min and 48seg the second round;
Louie Santos won by unanimous decision Fernando Resende

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