WGP International Challenge Brazil x Russia

On 17th of May 2014 night, WGP presented another event that marked the history of the entity. The Baby Barioni Sports Hall in São Paulo, Brazil was full with over 2000 spectators of the preliminary card , fighting broke out at a very strong pace . Athlete from the state Rio Grande do Sul, William Sancho was well on his debut at the event, but lost by split decision to Tiago Alves. Marcelo Dionysius who is student Tadeu San Martino (WAKO World Champion) won against Sergipe Williames Silva and the closing fight of preliminary was between Felipe Lima and Thiago Reis took one of the best fights of the night.

On the main card, WGP brought into play on four of the leading category with Brazilian athletes . On one side of the pool, Bruno Gazani made ​​a good fight against Maycon Oller. Dominating the center of the ring , Bruno Maycon not allowed to show his game to advance to the final . Moreover , after health problems , Munil Adriano gave way to Felipe Suekuni , entering the card the day before the event to meet Quadros ” Mancha “.

WGP International Challenge Brazil x Russia

At the end of the power struggle and experience Janio made ​​a difference and highlighted it with speed and technique all Felipe . The final was between Gazani Bruno and Janio Mancha . Completed the other two main card fights . The experienced Inafitali defeated Vitor Gomes Super Boy , showing that he still has stories to write the ring and Gustavo Piacentini , Brazilian amateur champion , debuting in the 60 kg category imposed his rhythm and won Michael Oliveira , son of former champion Carlos Zinho .

The GP final animated the stadium . In three exciting rounds , and Gazani waged a struggle and fought to the end. Janio was noted for the strength and breadth and managed to fit good counter- attacks , but Bruno managed to find just the right distance . Hard fought and at the end of Bruno Gazani won by split decision.
After the grand finale of the GP, it was the turn of two fights in Brazil- Russia Challenge . In the first fight, the champion Emerson Falcão, Panamerican Champion faced young Shamil Ghadzimusaev. The Russian has recently been world champion in WAKO World Championships last year. Falcão started better, but suffered heavy blows in the second round. At the end of the fight, the Brazilian who sought to fight all the time, won in a split decision. “The Russian level was above my expectations and I’m sure it will serve to better prepare for upcoming fights” pointed Falcão.

In the last game of the night , ahead of Felipe Micheletti had nothing less than one of the biggest stars of the Russian kickboxing . At only 24 years old, Vladimir Mineev is world champion and collect medals in World Championships . After a fiercely competitive first round with Felipe dominating the center of the ring , the experience of the Russian began to make a difference and the supremacy of Mineev was evident. Different combined with strength and technique courses gave unanimous victory for the Russian fighter.

“It was an honor to fight against the opponent at this level ,” Felipe said before concluding , ” This was a big step in my career. ”


fight 1
GP – 69.1 kg Bruno Gazani Maycon Oller defeated by unanimous decision.

Fight 2
GP Quadros ” Mancha ” Felipe Suekuni defeated by unanimous decision.

Fight 3
60 kg Gustavo Oliveira Michael Piacentini defeated by unanimous decision.

Fight 4
78.1 Inafitali Gomes defeated Vitor ” Superboy ” by unanimous decision.

Fight 5
Final GP 69.1 Gazani defeated Bruno Quadros ” Mancha ” by split decision .

fight 6
Brazil vs Russia Challenge Emerson Falcon defeated Shamil Ghadsimusaev by split decision .

fight 7
Challenge Brazil x Russia Vladimir Mineev defeated Felipe Micheletti unanimous decision .

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